Law Enforcement (Police Vehicles)


Internal Police Vehicle usually used by police forces to defend the internal security threats, and low enforcement, therefore JLVM uses its manufacturing capabilities to convert different type of trucks and commercial chassis off the shelf into specialized security vehicle such as:

  • Police Car
  • Antiriot vehicles equipped with antiriot solutions
  • Internal Security Vehicles
  • Command & Control Vehicles
  • SWAT & Counter terrorism Vehicles
  • Investigation Unit


Police Car

  • Police car fitted with a Front & Rear bumpers with rubber shock absorbers
  • GRP partition with a transparent plate of Polycarbonate fitted in the region behind the driver's head to facilitate the vision of the mirror
  • Warning lights System with powerful Light Bar fitted on the roof, with addition extra lighting and flashes solutions
  • Public address System with high-Performance Speakers (Siren System)
  • Ability to add Communications service which uses packet technology to send data via networks (GPRS), Navigational Satellite Timing and Ranging - Global Positioning System (GPS) systems
  • Monitoring system; high quality cameras that are connected to a computer inside the car. These cameras could be connected to a main server computer to send the pictures taken to the operations room which provides a high response in tracking the targets
  • Flexible Map Light with a halogen light to read the maps while the vehicle in a duty


Anti-Riot Vehicles and Buses

  • Anti-Riot Bus:
    • Front & Rear bumpers with rubber shock absorbers fitted to protect the front of the vehicle
    • Steel mesh or transparent polycarbonate added to the front and rear driving lights, front wind shield, side windows and rear windows
    • Weapon and equipment lockers and storage
    • Gun Holders to fit the guns in
    • Rear seats to carry the passengers
    • Gun ports are able to throw the tear gas bombs
    • Good insulation from what??
    • Extra camera
  •  Anti-Riot Vehicle and Troop Carrier:
    • A heavy duty chassis used for this type of vehicles
    • The rear cabinet is made by high isolation sandwich panel material
    • The rear cabinet is able to carry 10 to 25 fully equipped persons
    • Heavy duty air conditioning system added to the passengers cabinet
    • Lockers to save the munitions and the tools that used for antiriot fixed in the passenger cabinet
    • The vehicle is designed to be unable to climb on
    • The wheels are covered to be protected
    • Changes are applicable according to customer requirements
    • Providing Anti-riot solutions (water Canon, waves ..)


Police Car Brochure

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