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Al-Jawad Vehicle

 AL-JAWAD is an Armoured Vehicle designed to protect occupants from high levels of ballistic and fragmentation as standard with CEN B6 level of protection. Built on heavy duty chassis with 6.7L Diesel Turbo Engine producing 300 HP, AL-JAWAD guarantees high automotive performance & Maneuvering, adequate payload and considerable tactical capabilities. AL-JAWAD designed with battle aero dynamic and more flexibility to get in duty inside the cities and the narrow roads with easy maneuvering, the designers kept the ability of Al-Jawad as troop carrier to carry (2+8) fully equipped troopers including the Driver & the Commander.
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Al- Wahsh Vehicle

Al-Wahesh is a special purpose armored vehicle designed and developed to meet modern warfare mission’s requirements and to operate in all kinds of terrains, it is designed for troop’s transportation along with their tactical gear
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