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Al-Tha’lab Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV) is a cost-effective patrol vehicle designed for Internal Security, Reconnaissance and Border Patrol Forces.
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Command & Control

Various commercial platforms are used for building a command and control vehicles, such as Ford, Mercedes and Volkswagen trucks and vans.

 Command and Control vehicles are designed to provide the information superiority directly required for the supporting of the dominant manoeuvre force, to provide an automated tactical command post for mobile operations security and military missions, and provides the ability to support command and control functions during operations, with performance objectives and growth potential for full on-the-move operations capability.

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Law Enforcement (Police Solutions)

Police Vehicles used by the police forces to defending the internal security threats, and low enforcement, JLVM use its manufacturing capabilities to convert different type of trucks & commercial chassis of the shelf into specialized security vehicles.

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