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VIP Armoured Vehicles

Discrete armoured vehicles are offered with a high degree of functionality and reliability, powerful engines, and upgraded suspension and brake systems. The T.L.C 200, 78 & 76, Ford Expedition and GMC Yukon are the ideal bases for the VIPs. We manufacture armoured utility and Cash in Transit vehicles on any kind of bases such as Mercedes Sprinter Van and TOYOTA Hiace.

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Utility Armoured Vehicles

The vehicle is armored by using proven armour materials and installation methods to include substantial overlaps and splash returns on all door apertures to ensure the passenger compartment is ballistically sealed, The standard level of ballistic protection is CEN Level B6 (7.62 X 51 mm) and less threats with upgrades available for other selected rounds if required, The standard level of fragmentation protection is STANAG 2920 /2 x DM51 hand-grenades. 

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Cash In Transit


The CIT is a Discrete Armoured Vehicle that offers a high degree of functionality and reliability, Powerful engines, braking and air-conditioning systems along with simplified electrical and mechanical systems and high capacity axle.


The T.L.C 78 and TOYOTA Hiace vehicles are the ideal bases and a strong for the Cash In Transit vehicles, Moreover the customer is able to choose any kind of base that has the same high efficiency such as the Mercedes Sprinter van.


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