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Cash In Transit

 Cash In Transit



  • Cash transportation
  • Documents Transportation
  • Used by Banks and Cash in Transit companies
  • Acts as a Bank Branch, ATM
  • Discrete armoured carrier



  • Transportation of three to four persons (a driver and two passengers)
  • Two to three doors
  • The rear area contains the safe and the passenger seats which are separated by an armoured door, this door is locked by three types of locks
  • The safe is designed with many shelves that’s offer a larger space for storage money bags or assets, the shelves have high edges to keep the money bags and boxes on their places safely
  • An excellent lighting inside the safe that gives better view
  • Ability to have an interior camera and DVR to record the daily operations 24/7



  • Armored of CEN Level B6, B4 or B3 ballistic protection
  • Armored glass of CEN Level B6, B4 or B3 ballistic protection
  • Under bonnet fire extinguisher system (optional)
  • Public address system and siren (Optional)
  • 12 cm Opening windows (Optional)
  • Installation of communication systems (Optional)
  • Winch bar or bull bar (Optional)
  • Upgraded braking system for some base vehicles types (Optional)
  • Gun ports (optional)
  • Wheel Run Flat (optional)
  • Increase the quantity of the shelves inside the safe (optional)
  • Adding reverse camera (optional)