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JLVM produces various types of ambulances with different standards and specifications, to provide different levels of medical assistance to those who need help.

  • Ambulance based on European Chassis
  • Ambulance based on American Chassis
  • Special solutions

All Terrain (4x4) Ambulances

The all-Terrain Ambulances are based on 4X4 vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruiser 78, and as the name suggests, this ambulance is designed for response to off road situations.

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VIP Ambulances

VIP ambulance aim to escort the VIP convoy, equipped high techniques equipment and luxury finishing, includes the latest emergency medical equipment and radio communication tools.
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Paramedic & Emergency Ambulances

Paramedic ambulances are equipped with high standards equipment. That equipment includes the latest emergency medical techniques (Life Support equipment) and first aid kits.

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Mass Casualty & Evacuation Vehicles

The Mass Casualty and Evacuation Vehicle is an ambulance used to transport and treat multi patients who require ambulance level care.
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Mobile Medical Solutions (MMS)

MMS is a premier provider of workplace substance abuse testing and onsite medical services nationwide. MMS offers complete and compliant packages of industry required bio-monitoring solutions and when it comes to onsite nursing and first aid station management in the construction field – MMS is the standard bearer.

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