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VIP Ambulances

 VIP Ambulances

These ambulances are designed to work as part of the emergency quick response service, such as, fire and rescue, paramedics and hospital emergency personal evacuation, at the scene of an accident or other medical emergency cases.

The VIP ambulance is capable to respond for serious incidents to provide life-saving support, and continue that support as the casualty is transported to hospital or other medical facility. The latest medical technology is available for use to assess the extent of an injury or illness and patient's condition while being transported to hospital.

The VIP Ambulance is based on Cadillac Escalade chassis, offering high automotive performance and mobility, taking into consideration aero dynamic designs that provide smooth flow of the expanded roof. The patient cabinet is designed to give the best utilization of the available space to have the full elements that give a high luxury and comfort for the passengers and especially the patient.