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Mobile Medical Solutions (MMS)

 Mobile Medical Solutions (MMS)

Mobile Clinic is a specialized vehicle that would provide mobile medical care; this solution shall reduce the running cost of the medical centres and give health care services to all remote and poor remote areas.

This solution could be built on different types of vehicles, such as:

  • Vans
  • Buses
  • Truck Mounted Vehicles
  • Semi-Trailers
  • Containers

The Mobile Clinic provides high-quality diseases screening and treatment or operation. The clinic is well equipped with the necessary equipment and machines, and designed to serve certain amount of people at one time.

The clinic is divided into areas; reception and waiting area, doctor room and diagnosis area, in addition to the storage area and restrooms and is customized as per customer's request and needs.

Mobile clinics and health care delivery services that are capable of being located to remote area, include:

  • Mobile Eye clinic
  • Mobile Blood Bank
  • Mobile mammography
  • Mobile ICU
  • Mobile Dental clinic
  • Mobile Paediatric clinic
  • Mobile X-Ray, CI & MRI
  • Mobile Laboratory
  • Mobile Hospitals (A complex of clinics)
  • Rest Rooms, Sanitary Station, Kitchens, Bed Rooms ….. Etc.

General Specification:

  • All equipment used in these vehicles are medically licensed and do not have negative impact on the patients
  • The customer can control the internal design as needed
  • AC/DC convertor and electrical control units installed in the vehicle (Using the solar panels as an option)
  • A/C, Generators, and Furniture
  • Well-experience in design & building structures
  • Using medical & anti-bacterial

More Advantages:

  • Use proven box body technology or other approaches
  • Fully equipped and fully functional autonomous mobile clinics
  • Guaranteed operational efficiency in all climates
  • Highly flexible - optimized ergonomic interior designs and minimal external dimensions
  • Experience in integrating highly complex medical technology
  • Complete stand-alone solutions with on-board power supply
  • Integrated air-conditioning to maintain constant temperature inside the vehicle
  • After sales support and maintenance, repair, logistics and spare parts