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Utility Armoured Vehicles

 Utility Armoured Vehicles


The additional weight of Armouring requires upgrade works to be carried out which includes up rated door hinges, additional door check straps, and an up-rated suspension system and many other optional upgrades up on customer requirements such as upgrading brake, clutch…etc. The vehicle is equipped with dual-battery system that contains Gel Battery, and Manual under bonnet fire extinguisher system and 50 km run flat and many other optional upgrades if required.


Vehicle's Roles:

  • Personal multi-purpose use
  • Transport of funds and documents protected
  • Transportation of diplomats
  • Transportation of prisoners
  • International organizations use
  • Cash In Transit
  • Transport of personnel and VIP.


  • Armoured of CEN Level B6 ballistic protection
  • STANAG 2920 fragmentation protection
  • Armoured glass of CEN Level B6 ballistic protection
  • Overlaps and splash returns in all doors apertures
  • Under bonnet fire extinguisher system
  • Upgraded braking system


  • Roof escape hatch
  • Roof escape hatch
  • Gun ports
  • Zoned B6 protection to engine bay (wings, radiator grille assembly and bonnet)
  • Electric winch
  • Public address system and siren
  • Fog lights, search lights, beacons etc
  • 12 cm Opening windows
  • Installation of communication systems
  • Winch bar or bull bar
  • Upgraded clutch
  • Explosive system
  • Upgrade the armouring level in different places in the vehicle