Al-Tha’lab (Under License from JANKEL GROUP LTD.)




Al-Tha’lab Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV) is a cost-effective patrol vehicle designed for Internal Security, Reconnaissance and Border Patrol Forces.
Operational Functions:
Al-Tha’lab LRPV has been designed to act as a Surveillance and Reconnaissance (SR) vehicle whilst conducting special tasks. The vehicle’s primary role is to place a patrol into an area of operations where a target may be observed. 
Various other applications could be implemented on Al-Tha’lab.

Offensive Action (OA):
Whilst conducting OA tasks, the vehicle’s primary role is to be a highly mobile weapons platform from which the mounted support weapons may be used to their best effect by delivering effective and precise fire into a selected target with sustained accuracy.
Urban Operations:
During urban operations, the vehicle’s primary role is to rapidly deliver assault and entry troops into upper levels of buildings, using the Urban Combat Access System (UCAS) ladder kit.

Major Features:

  • Crew
     Al-Tha’lab is equipped with a safe and comfortable seating area for the driver and commander plus two crew members seated in the rear. All seating positions are encapsulated within a full Roll over Protection System (ROPS) & seat belts with 4 point.


  • Support Weapons
    Al-Tha’lab is equipped with front (7.62mm) and rear (0.50mm) weapon mounts. During weapons’ engagements, a static Tha’lab provides a stable and effective weapons platform.


  • Radio / Communications
    Al-Tha’lab can mount a full range of military radio and communications equipment. The vehicle is fitted with three antenna mounting bases, plus power take off points for radio equipment.
  • Endurance / Range
    Al-Tha’lab is capable of conducting operations ranging up to (1500 km) with (300) litre (180 litre twin tank and 120 litre Jerry cans without re-supply, (four man crew, and ten days duration) Driving Range.
  • Strength of Design
    Al-Tha’lab is robust and can operate within remote areas of rugged terrain with limited or no support for prolonged periods.
  • Field Maintenance
    Al-Tha’lab is easily maintained in field conditions. Mechanical components are of a basic design and not overly reliant on electronic management systems.

 General & Extra Features

  • Vehicle provided with ditch crossing ladder or assault ladder
  • Heating system (Special overall to be used) only for driving & commander
  • Works under conditions between (15° to 55°), and 90% humidity
  • 70 amp electrical generator
  • 2-12v battery 60 amp/hr
  • High capability suspension system
  • Ability for air transportation
  • 2 spare wheels, or 1 spare wheel & 1 equipment cage
  • Foldable windscreen
  • Tonneau covers for driver and commander
  • Upgrade brake
  • Upgrade clutch (option)
  • Turbo charger with intercooler (option)
  • 24 Volt system (option)
  • Bead lockers (option)
  • Air compressor (option)
  • 2 Sand Ladders


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