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Operational Roles:

Vehicle has been designed to fulfill the following roles:

Surveillance and Reconnaissance (SR( whilst conducting Special Role tasks, the vehicle’s primary role is to place a patrol into an area of operations where a target may be observed, and many other applications could be implemented on the vehicle.

 Offensive Action (OA):

Whilst conducting OA tasks, the vehicle’s primary role is to be a highly mobile weapons platform from which the mounted support weapons may be used to their best effect (to deliver effective and precise fire into a selected target with sustained accuracy(.


General Features

·      High capability suspension system

·      Work under condition between (15c to 55c), and humidity 90%

·      1 spare wheel & 1 equipment cage

·      Ability for air transportation

·      Foldable windscreen

·      Upgrade brake system





weapon mounts

Front swing arm and rear race ring and swing arm

electrical generator

70 amp


2 + 2


Dual 12v 60 amp/hr

Driving range

up to 1500 Km


ditch crossing ladder or assault ladders + 2 Sand channels



  • Upgrade clutch
  • Ability to convert to 24 Volt system
  • Turbo charger with intercooler
  • Bead lockers
  • Air compressor
  • Tonneau covers for driver and commander
  • Heating system (Special overall to be used) only for driving & commander
  • Upgraded suspension system